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JP Teresi and Chef Bryan Ogden talk about the upcoming opening of The Mixx Grill & Lounge
The food, the service, the hospitality on which celebrated chef Bryan Ogden built his extraordinary reputation are complemented by an array of live music that will put The Mixx Grill & Lounge on your must-visit list.

At The Mixx Grill & Lounge, we're approachable. The menu Features amazing dishes where a couple can come in and have an exceptional dinner for under $50. When you visit us, you're going to see the chef. Meet the chef. Interact with the chef.

Consider the high level of sophistication of some Ogden’s previous restaurants: Bradley Ogden; Munch Bar and Grill at Caesars Palace; the Sugar Factory American Brasserie. That’s the exhaustive attention to detail you’re going to experience here. But it‘s right in your neighborhood.

Another star of the show atThe Mixx Grill & Lounge is a choice of 28 appetizers, the biggest selection of its kind in Las Vegas.

Best of all, you can find us in the popular and convenient Boca Park shopping destination, located on the edge of Summerlin and Queensridge. You don't have to jump through hoops to dine with us or to have a world-class bottle of wine. Enjoy a pristine level of sophistication without the hassles of the Strip.
At the center of the action is a 4,400-pound hardened steel cooking surface. Think of it as a culinary "theater in the round," with healthy, fresh cooking in the open air - cooked in healthy cold-pressed virgin oils by a nationally renowned chef.

Whether you're a steak lover, a vegan, or just want an amazing handcrafted cocktail, we’re right here for you in the neighborhood.

We treat our guests as family. There's even a private entrance that makes life so easy.

The Mixx Grill & Lounge is not a franchise. It’s not a tourist trap. And at the center of it: a healthy dining experience where you’re the artist. You can make it different, or precisely the same, every visit.

Think of The Mixx Grill & Lounge as a crossroads of some of the greatest cooking styles in the world: Seafood influences from the South Pacific, Vietnamese, Chinese, Australian, Polynesian. And underneath it all, a strong French influence. A fusion of tastes that become your own.

Bryan Ogden is regarded as one of the nation's top young chefs. Growing up cruising the farmers markets in Northern California with his Father, Ogden learned the importance of farm-to-table cuisine at a young age. His father‘ s strict devotion to supporting local farmers, Fishermen, and ranchers plays a large role in his menus today. Following in his father‘s footsteps Ogden attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Bryan has worked with celebrated chefs such as Charlie Trotter, Michael Mina, Alice Waters and Michel Richard.

Bryan opened the highly acclaimed BRADLEY OGDEN restaurant in 2003 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. At BRADLEY OGDEN he generated daily changing seasonal menus of modern American cooking. Ogden is a hands-on chef who believes in the power of demonstrating techniques.

Bryan led restaurant BRADLEY OGDEN at Caesars Palace to the James Beard Award for ”Best New Restaurant in the Country," four stars from Mobil, and a Michelin star.
Ogden‘s passion For wine is as deep as his passion for the kitchen. At BRADLEY OGDEN he doubled as wine director, overseeing the restaurant’s wine program, and when he is out of the kitchen, he looks after his Paso Robles Winery, Pharaohmoans.

The Mixx Grill & Lounge reunites the magical team of Bryan Ogden and JP Teresi. Ogden and Teresi worked side by side at BRADLEY OGDEN, establishing it as one of the most sought-after dining experiences in the country. Ogden brings the same level of quality and attention to detail to The Mixx Grill & Lounge in an approachable, interactive setting.

Restaurateur JP Teresi, a third-generation food lover, grew up making tortellini by hand. The Fish, the meat, the produce, everything was raised and grown by the Family. The Freshest tomatoes, world-class produce.

"What I've learned is that perhaps the most difficult dish is the most elegant," he says. "Its simplicity leaves nothing to hide behind. Fish that are prepared with just a dash of salt, pepper and lemon. You either know how to cook that or you don’t. You have to have the best produce available For your guests or you’re lost. With an elegant approach, every flavor comes forward."

"In addition to the Food, at The Mixx Grill & Lounge we want to nourish our relationships with a long list of reasons to visit. A special night each week just For singles. Tuesdays dedicated to trying great new wine selections. On Friday we’ll be playing R&B classics in a lounge setting. Each Monday, beginning in the afternoon, we'll even teach the kids to cook."

The Mixx Grill
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750 Rampart Blvd #16 Las Vegas , NV 90145
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